Optimization of the conditions for pepper soaking peeling by enzymatic method

Author(s): Ronghu Zhang, Jiancheng Feng, Zhihao Dou, Hui Xie, Ai He

The effect about peeling of fresh pepper by enzymatic soaking method was investigated. A high degree of peeling and good quality from white pepper were demonstrated in a set of well-designed experiments. The conditions for the enzyme-soaking peeling of fresh pepper were optimized by single-factor test and multi-factors orthogonal test. Results showed that the optimal conditions for this process were determined as: pectate lyase to plant hydrolase ratio of 3:2(v/v), concentration of complex enzymatic solution 2.5 % (v/w), the pH value of the supplementary solution about 3.6, and time of 5 min blanching in boiled water. Under these conditions, the rate of peeling was 98.3% after the pepper were soaked for 16 h. The peeled white pepper got rid of the foul smell and had bright and white color. Volatile oil and piperine contents of the product were respectively 2.12 % (v/w) and 4.17 % (w/w).

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