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Optimization of Environmental and Nutritional Conditions for the Production of L-asparaginase by a Newly Isolated Strain of Pseudomonas spp ML 10

Author(s): Venil CK, Sangeetha Kamatshi N and Lakshmana perumalsamy P

Optimization of the growth conditions for maximum production of L-asparaginase was carried out using the newly isolated strain of bacterium Pseudomonas spp ML10. The bacterium showed enhanced production of L-asparaginase at 24 h of incubation at 37oC under static conditions. The best carbon and nitrogen sources were fructose (0.4 %) and ammonium nitrate (0.2%) respectively.Under these conditions Pseudomonas sppML10 was found to produce L-asparaginase at a maximumof 5.5 IU/ml.

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