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On the Twin Paradox and Ether

Author(s): Zlatan Stojanovic

In this letter the argument which favors ether solution on the well known twin paradox has been addressed. By putting twin paradox in the comoving frame of cosmic fluid of FLRW metric, the interesting conclusions emerge. Earth twin corresponds to the twin comoving with cosmic fluid. Travelling twin by employing clock retardation to Universe time puts himself forward in time than the rest of Universe. By changing to other reference frame of the trip he will now be backward in regards to comoving cosmic fluid time (the plane jump). Like plane of simultaneity mentioned in the reference [1] he travels forward and then jumps backward in time comparing to comoving cosmic fluid frame. How much of the dynamics of GR is needed for the Universe to reach the same forward traveler’s point in time, comparing to the one simple relativity change of traveler perspective? The last also applies to the twins' reciprocal time dilation in the GR's conventional interpretation of twin paradox i.e. in the solution by employing equivalence principle where travelling twin also puts himself ahead in time before turnaround. The absence of the aforementioned is the advantage of the Einstein’s relativized ether interpretation of GR. Following the Lorentz-Poincaré track in twin paradox, the pair: time dilation and length contraction of travelling twin is actuality, so the twin does not go ahead of cosmic time during entire trip. Proper time of Lorentz/Poincaré's travelling twin is less than the maximal proper time of comoving cosmic fluid along the entire trip, which is in accordance with the results of authors [2].

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