‘Omic’ technologies: An overview

Author(s): T.S.Mohamed Saleem, A.Eswar Reddy

‘OMIC’ technologies include proteomics, Genomics, transcriptomics and metabonomics, were touted as having the potential to revolutionize our approach to disease diagnosis, prognostication and development of novel therapeutics, to understanding the normal cellular functions, to identify the therapeutic points of intervention. Because it makes a conceptual framework for disease understanding. As the omic approach developments, further new fields will develop into branch of the biological glossary, with increasing the volumes of molecular facts added to expanding databases and by understanding the mechanism of prevention and protection against toxicity, stress and on routine development. These represent a challenging complexity for scienti?c analysis and will open new perspectives for ethno botanical and phytomedical research purposes. Thus the applications of the ‘‘Omic’’ technologies may lead to a change of paradigms towards the opening of other fields like toxicogenomics, phytogenomics etc.

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