Microwave: A New Green Synthesis Technique

Author(s): P. T. Agrawal and S. P. Deshmukh

Chemistry brought about medical revolution till about the middle of 20th century in which drugs and antibiotics were discovered. These advances resulted in the average life expectancy rising from 47 years in 1900 to 75 years in 1990’s. The quality of life on earth became much better due to discovery of dyes, plastics, cosmetics and other material. Soon, the ill effects of chemistry also became pronounced, main among them being the pollution of land, water and atmosphere. This is caused because of the effects of by-products of chemical industries, hazardous waste released, and used of harmful solvents. With this view in mind, synthetic method should be designed in such a way that the the reaction should carry out in aqueous phase or by solid phase reaction. Here in this we have highlighted use of microwave to avoid the use of solvent or atleast to minimize it.

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