Low risk of cardiopathy in indian sickle cell anemia patients

Author(s): S.Pandey, H.R.Pandey, V.Shah, R.M.Mishra, S.W.Pandey, R.Saxena

Lipid metabolismalteration causes some serious complications in humans; especially cardiac related complications. Sickle cell patients have variable clinical pathophysiology where few researchers suggested the abnormal cholesterol metabolism in sickle cell patients. Here we present the lipid metabolismand cardiac related complications in Indian sickle cell patients. Our caseswere sickle homozygous who were diagnosed byHPLCand lipid profiling done byBeckman auto analyzer. T test applied for statistical analysis. All the lipid variable were significantly low in sicklers (p-value <0.05). Studies conclude the lipid metabolism is adequate and Indian sickle cell patients had lesser risk of cardiac related complications.

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