Linkage of Goat Fecundity with the Loci BMPR-IB and BMP15

Author(s): Zaman G, Khaogria G, Rupam Dutta, Chandra Shekar M and Parikh Rakesh

One of the good economic sources of meat in developing countries is goat as it utilizes poor quality grass and crop residues. The Assam Local goat (ALG) is one of the most productive, non-descript population of goats in northeastern India. This population found in Plain areas of Assam(Brahmaputravalley), small in size and colour varies white, black and brown etc. ItÂ’s a meat purpose goat which can be serving in harsh climatic conditions of this region and with zero percent of management. The efficiency of kids production and goat meat can be increase by the improving of reproductive efficiency of this goat herds. The gene responsible for the prolificacyin sheep is Booroola (or FecB) gene[3]. So, the identification of the gene responsible for the prolificacy in goat is important for the goat industry. Therefore, the objective of the present study is to conform that whether the same loci BMPRIB and BMP15 is linked for fecundity in goat as in sheep.

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