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Influence of Sporophores Maturity on Nutritional Composition of Psathyrella atroumbonata, Pegler: A Nigerian Edible Fungus

Author(s): Segun Gbolagade Jonathan and Olawale Salami

Proximate analyses were carried out on Psathyrella atroumbonata during different stages of sporophores development (i.e young, matured and old fruit bodies). The stipe, gills and pileus of young fruit bodies of P. atroumbonata had very good (significant) protein values of 19.67, 19.08 and 18.70mg/100g respectively (P=0.05)when compared with matured and old carpophores. Matured sporophores of P. atroumbonata had protein contents of 17.60,17.50 and 17.49 mg/100g in their stipe, gills and pileus respectively, while low protein content were detected in the old fruit bodies of this fungus (P=0.05). The pileus, gills and stipe of old P. atroumbonata sporophores contained significantly higher levels of crude fibres (12.60, 12.50 and 12.40 mg/100g) than the matured and young corresponding parts this fungus. The highest ash content (10.30mg/100g) was obtained in the young fruit bodies of P. atrombonata. Similarly, the greatest carbohydrate content (8.60mg/100g) was obtained in young fruit body of P. atroumbonat. It was also observed that the young fruit bodies of this fungus possessed high concentration of moisture in their gills (90.71%). Different parts of P. atroumbonata sporophores (especially when young) were also found to contain essential mineral elements such as Ca,Mg.K,N,P,Fe and Zn. The significance of these findings were discussed in relation to human health.

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