Influence of Normative Requirements on the Quality Table Olives in Box Metal Can of a Food Unit in Morocco

Author(s): Sobh, M.Aouane, Rhaiemi N, Bengueddour R, Hammoumi A, Ouhssine M and Chaouch A

Table Olives are considered among the most used and most preferred products in various dishes in Morocco and external Morocco, however, find time and the phase of globalization and the competition to win other external markets and in our treated here at number 5 customer case, successive customer complaints that sometimes happens to 75% per year due to poor application settings packaging the product in question and which are normative requirements, regulatory or customers or business. However, the application of these parameters in a rigorous manner by qualified or have undergone training and supervised by responsible operators result in a quality product in a remarkable manner minimizing customer complaints and at the same time fills their satisfaction.

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