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Increased Expression of Notch3 in Lung Tissue of Pulmonary Hypertension Mice Induced by Cigarette Smoke

Author(s): Chun-Chu Kong, Fu-Xiu Zhang, Ai-Guo Dai*, Rui-Cheng Hu, Dai-Yan Fu and Li-Le Wang

Pulmonary Hypertension (PAH) mice model was established by cigarette smoking method. C68B7J mice were randomly divided into control group and model group, 10 mice in each group. The control group did not do any treatment. The model group was treated with cigarette twice a day, 2 hours, 10/h, 6 days/week for 6 months. The Right Ventricular Pressure (RVSP) of mice was measured by BIOPAC Systems (MP150). The pulmonary arterioles were stained with collagen fibers (Van-Gieson method) and analyzed by Image Pro Plus software. The thickness of the middle layer of pulmonary arterioles and the diameter of pulmonary arterioles were measured, and the thickness of pulmonary arterioles was calculated. The expression of Notch3 protein in lung tissue was detected by Western Blot method. The results showed that: 1. Compared with the control group, the right ventricular pressure of the model group increased significantly, the pulmonary arterioles became thicker, the lumen became narrower, and the ratio of right ventricle to body weight increased significantly; 2. Compared with the control group, the expression of Notch3 protein in the lung tissue of the model group increased significantly.

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