In vitro effect of gamma radiation on morphology structural,hardness and bending strength of dental porcelain

Author(s): Abu Bakr El-Bediwi, Amal Sakrana, Thoraya El-Helaly, Mustafa Kamal

Oral cancer patients receiving gamma radiation as primary or supplementary treatment, commonly have a variety of dental restorations. The resulting damage to radiated dental restorations is proportional to the amount of energy absorbed, which is referred to as the ‘dose’. The effect of gamma radiation at therapeutic dosage level, (10, 20 and 30 Gy), on structure, hardness and bending strength of dental porcelain were studied and analyzed in vitro. Exposure to gamma radiation doses caused a microstructure change which affects on all measured mechanical properties of dental porcelain. The hardness, breaking load and bending strength of dental porcelain decreased after exposure to therapeutic gamma radiation doses. Care should be taken to patient who receive therapeutic gamma radiation doses and have dental porcelain.

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