Impact of CdCl2 on hematological and biochemical parameters of rabbits Oryctolagus cuniculus and opposite effect of Ca2+

Author(s): Rachid Rouabhi, Bouchiha Hanene, Bouchama Khaled, Berrebbah Houria, Djebar Mohamedreda

Heavymetals and its derivatives are a special class of toxics.Manymetals are useful for industrial, agricultural and medical applications. Indeed, they can go back through the food chain and thus achieve to human being. Our aim is to study an example of heavy metals “Cadmium” CdCl2at two concentrations 30 and 60 ppm on biological modelOryctolagus cuniculus that is very used in Toxicological studies, and the possible neutralization using the Ca2+. Our results showed a significant increase in the weight of liver, this augmentation is corrected with the addition of Ca2+ for the lowest concentration 30ppm and in the 07th day, but over that there is no effect of calciumon the toxicity of Cd, the biochemical and hematological parameters generally are disturbed and the effect of calcium is less or more shown in the most experiments.

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