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Hepato-preventive Activity of Camel Milk Against CCl4-Induced Lesions in Mice

Author(s): Hamed H1#, Gargouri M1*#, Bellassoued K1, Akrouti A1, El-Feki A1 and Gargouri A2

This study was aimed at evaluating the potential effects of a mice exposure to CCl4 single dose on liver tissue and potent preventive effects of camel milk (CM) orally treated by gavage. Additionally, CCl4 was administered by intra-peretonial injection at day 14. Administration of CCl4 caused an increase in lipid peroxidation and a decrease in superoxide dismutase, catalase, glutathione peroxidase activities and GSH levels in liver. Moreover, CCl4 caused a distinguished rise of liver level markers (AST, ALT, ALP, LDH, ɤ-GT), TG, TC, and LDL-Ch but a reduced levels of HDL-Ch. In contrast, no such harms or biochemical changes were found in mice treated with camel milk against typically observed changes in CCl4-treated animals. These findings strongly prove that beneficial effects of Camel Milk clearly shown through the reduction of the CCl4 induced related damages and oxidative stress.

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