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Hemoglobin SD disease - A case report

Author(s): Sahiba Kukreja, Amandeep Kaur, Namrata Chhabra

Itano first described hemoglobin D in 1951 in a Caucasian familywho had hemoglobin S interacting with D. Hemoglobin D was the fifth hemoglobin to be described. Compound heterzygosity for bs/bd results in a severe hemolytic anaemia and clinical syndrome similar to that of sickle cell disease. Here, we report a case of Hb SD Punjab disease. A 13 year old female presented with hemolytic anaemia, hepatosplenomegaly and occasional pain in abdomen. Initially, she was thought to be a case of sickle cell anaemia, however, with the help of HPLC it was confirmed as Hb SD disease.

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