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Gravity control with help of de Rham cohomology

Author(s): Nuno Santos

A new promising technology for gravitational control is presented based on research work at Tohoku University. Using a gyroscope made of brass and non-magnetic materials, the asymmetrical weight reduction effect reported in 1989 was fully studied and confirmed in Porto, Portugal to attain PhD at Oporto University. The theoretical and experimental research work based on De Rham cohomology suggests the existence of a new gravitational fundamental interaction in nature of infinitesimal small range mediated by a new class of elementary particles (massless spin-zero bosons) which we may call anti-gravity. We present here briefly a summary of non-systematic and systematic results as well as practical guide ways for the development of antigravity technology in industry. This article intends briefly to cover historical, theoretical and experimental aspects of the research work as well as giving future direction for the practical implementation of the technology with emphasis on its use for electrical power generation.

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