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Gravitational disturbances and the asteroid kinetic impact deflection method were connected

Author(s): Andrea Jacobsen

We will discuss the use of the kinetic impact technique to divert asteroids that might at any given time pose a threat of colliding with Earth. Using fluctuations in the asteroid 101955 Bennu's velocity (v) at various points during its orbital cycle and measuring close contacts with Earth, we propose to assess the feasibility of deflecting its orbit in more detail in the study that will be developed here. We will see that the asteroid has multiple close encounters with the planet over a reasonably lengthy period of time, causing it to experience a natural gravitational disturbance. As the impulses are applied, the relative distances shift, resulting in fluctuations in the asteroid's energy and a significant variation in the relative distance between the asteroid and Earth for a considerable amount of time after the impulse. We report findings on the applied impulse's intensity, which is crucial given the magnitude of the impactor that must be taken into account. To do this, we plotted the impulse placements over the course of the asteroid's orbit (M.I.O.A.). We conclude by describing what happens to the asteroid's orbit during times of gravitational perturbation since it experiences a number of "Swing Bys" that amplify variations in the relative distances between the bodies following impulses.

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