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Ghana Ecological Risks: An Approach to the Management Frameworks Based on Space Law and Science Education

Author(s): Martin Rosado

 In order to support the creation of legal and scientific education programmes for the management framework of biodiversity and ecosystems, this essay outlines what Ghana must do to advance its space and science education programmes. The article's first section looks at earlier scholarly writing on the subject, which provides numerous hints about Ghana's prospects and problems as well as the things Ghana may learn from other space countries and players. The second section examines information from interviews with experts in the field that were conducted in accordance with ethical standards, while the third section analyses data from a survey in which participants were asked specific questions about Ghana's space and science education programme before summarising the main findings. The results contribute to a better understanding of how biodiversity and the environment interact. Finally, the report makes a number of recommendations for future work, including preserving, maintaining, and protecting biodiversity and the ecosystem, developing a management framework for invasive species and biosecurity, managing environmental degradation and climate change, and ensuring that all communities in Ghana have fair and equitable access to and share in the benefits of biodiversity resources.

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