Further investigations of the operation of a Poynting vector motive device

Author(s): Paul A.Murad, Morgan J.Boardman, John E.Brandenburg, Garett Volk

The Morningstar device, which initially weighs 190 pounds, was able to reduce its weight by 7% during a steady-state situation and as much as 20% during transient operation. In our original paper, three or four approaches were identified to possibly explain this phenomenon including: conversion of angular momentum into linear momentum; Gravito- Electro-Magnetism (GEM) effects- a Poynting vector force induction based upon the roller design, and retarded potentials. In the latter, the ring component acts as a reflection plane for the roller electric and magnetic fields and if the time is retarded, it is possible that the image from one roller may attract the adjacent roller to create self-acceleration. Additional possible explanations were identified in the operation of this nonlinear device. This spectrum of additional feasibilities warrants further investigation to determine the physical motivation that can induce the observed weight changes. There is caution regarding these and additional explanations which should fall within supportable technical evidence. These additional efforts include: cogravitation, matter waves, gravitational wave effects and a conjecture about spacetime perturbation.

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