Fundamentals and Novel Approaches of Nasal Drug Delivery : A Review

Author(s): Vaijayanthi V, Umadevi SK, Padmapriya S, Kausalya J, Asif P, Sreejit TS and Ravichandran V

Recent years nasal route has been used for systemic and vaccine delivery. The nasal drug delivery has been used for local action conventionally, but currently various new approaches have been attempted through nasal route. Like microspheres, in situ gel, microemulsion, Nanoparticles, liposomes, colloidal dispersion. Nasal route could be used for local action, systemic action, vaccine preparation and brain targeting. Various technique used for preparing microspheres and evaluation of microspheres for shape, size, drug release, drug entrapment efficiency, and mucoadhesion. Microemulsion prepared for nasal route is evaluated for pH, clarity, and stability. Polymers like gellen gum and carbopol can be utilized in preparation of in situ gel, using temperature change, ionic strength and pH–induced. Other approaches like nanoparticles, liposomes, colloidal dispersion have also been reported.

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