Fourth Year Results in Variations of Manna Ash (Fraxinus ornus L.) Families

Author(s): Nebi Bilir and Nasrin Seyedi

Variations among Manna ash (Fraxinus ornus L.) families including narrow- sense heritability, and correlations were investigated based on seedling height and root collar diameter in a progeny trial at fourth year.Averages of the height and diameter were 143 cm and 19 mm, respectively. Seedling heights were ranged from 117 to 163 cm at families, and from 53 to 221 cm at individual seedlings. They were between 16 and 25 mm, and between 10 and 23 mm for root collar diameter, respectively. Significant differences (pd”0.05) were found among families for root collar diameter, while seedling height was similar for seedling height in the families according to results of analysis of variance. The heritability in narrow-sense (hi 2) reflects the share of the variation that depends on the genotypes was very low for the characters. It was 0.004 for the height and 0.065 for the diameter. Significant phenotypic and genotypic correlations (pd” 0.05, r=0.687 and 0.720) were found between seedling height and root collar diameter based on results of correlation.

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