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Extending Concept of Dark Matter and Potential Energy acts Virtual Mass to Strong and Weak Force

Author(s): Shriprakash V Pendse

Strong and weak equation can be derived through GR and energy mass equivalence -Exchange particle is nothing but gravitational force between particles, so force becomes particle. This is happening because confinement of per tube one particle. Mathematically we say weak and strong force acts through particle exchange. Weak force equation Gravitational constant and Q charge is square function. So weak force will create matter and antimatter with different charges and gravitational charges this solves strong cp problem as inertial constant is R linear function , it do not violate cp or cpt symmetry , only weak force violates CPT symmetry So inertial constants for weak=for strong=R In special relativity gives mass energy equivalence, GR with principal any energy field curves space time by gives mass charge equivalence principal but this mass is virtual mass And this virtual mass is dependent on geometry of area so for side of square With this model hierarchy problem can be solved Strong force same as EM force changes time arrow. Weak force creates two time arrows. So at Big bang T=0=1-1 two time arrows So except gravity all forces changes time arrow or creates two tie arrows. As clock wise fan which is perpetually in motion without friction in vacuum with zero gravity to move anticlockwise you require energy same is true about time arrow, as gravity is weak it can not do so, But in singularity gravity also changes time arrow. As I shown in first paper -K creates uncertainty principal, Yukwa model is achieved but weak force equation creates mathematical probability of –k or different gravitational fields. 16 Strong force inertial equation is , and weak force inertial equation is

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