Evaluation of the Impact of Water Stress and Irrigation on Carob Tree Two Year Seedlings in Northeast of Morocco

Author(s): Abdelaziz El Asri, Fatima Ait Aguil, Allal Douira, Ahmed Douaik and Amina Ouazzani Touhami

The carob tree planting was done with two year seedlings. The effect of irrigation on the annual growth of the carob tree was similar in parts conducted in irrigated or kept dry. After three years of culture, seedlings reached a height of 55.7 ± 15.5 cm in the irrigated part against 53.4 ± 22.4 cm in the dry part. The survival rate was 93% under irrigation and 86% in the dry part. These two results are more superior to those obtained in the plantations of the Forestry Administration whose levels during the 2011- 2012 year, did not exceed 30%.

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