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Evaluation of New Acaricides Against Spider Mite Tetranychus urticae Koch on Rose

Author(s): Bhaskaran EV and Ramaraju K

A field experiment was conducted at Mettupalayam to evaluate the bioefficacy of new acaricides against the spider mite, Tetranychus urticae Koch on rose. Among the chemicals tested, fenpyroximate 5 SC (0.006%) was the most effective one recording 81.73-93.28 per cent reduction in mites after the first round of spray up to 15 DAT followed by fenazaquin 10 ECat 0.02%(78.18-86.90%), diafenthiuron 50 SCat 0.09%(73.24-86.90%), buprofezin 25ECat 0.03%(74.63-83.05%) and diafenthiuron 50WP at 0.09% (67.59 - 85.90%).Asimilar trend was also observed in the second round of spraying. The highest yield was recorded in plants treated with fenpyroximate 5 SC followed by fenazaquin 10 EC when compared to untreated check. No phytotoxicity symptom was observed in any of the plots treated with new acaricides/ insecticides.

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