Evaluation of Cho, Cr and NAA in Brain Tumor Diagnosis using MR Spectroscopy

Author(s): Changizi V, Azarakhsh F and Kazemi M

Brain tumors have the high mortality rate especially in children. Therefore it is required to improve early diagnosis of them.At this moment biopsy is to characterize them as a gold standard. However it is an invasive method. Since mr spectroscopy data is specific, we decided to study if we could make differentiation between brain tumors and normal tissues with metabolites concentrations using MRS without biopsy. Material and Methods : Totally 25 people including 8 normal person and 17 patients were studied using a Siemens 3T symphonymagneton. Individuals were subjected to the pulse sequence of point_resolved surface coil spectroscopy (PRESS) with TE of 135 ms and the pulse sequence of Stimulate echo method (STEAM) with TE of 35ms. FOV was selected as 160 ×160 mm for both of them. Conclusion : Cho, Cr, NAA, Cho/Cr and Cho/NAA were compared between two groups of patient and normal cases using Kuskal – Wallis test with spss software. Cho and Cr metabolites obtained by STEAM pulse sequence could be as biomarkers for differentiation between brain normal tissues and tumors.

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