Estimation of serum prolactin levels in patients with primary hypothyroidism

Author(s): Pallab Basu, Santanu Sen, Debasmita Bandyopadhyay, Soma Gupta

Introduction: The aim of this study is to see whether routine screening for serum prolactin level in all primary hypothyroid patients is necessary or not.Materials andmethods: PrimaryHypothyroidismwas established initially on the basis of increased TSH and decreased or normal T4 and / or T3 levels in serum. The serum prolactin levels were estimated in all such diagnosed cases (32 cases, 28 females and 4 males) and compared with that of 32 ages and sex matched controls. Results: Differences between mean serurn prolactin levels among cases and controls were statistically insignificant (10.19 ± 9.68 pg/L vs 10.73 ± 4.76Hg/L;p>0.75).No correlation between serum prolactin and TSH levels (p > 0.37, r = - 0.17) among cases was found. Conclusion: Prolactin levels in serum of primary hypothyroid patients of all categories remainwithin normal limits.

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