Efficacy of Steam Distillates of Coscinium fenestratum and Curcuma aromatica against Bacteria causing Food Poisoning

Author(s): Prashith Kekuda TR, Mukunda S, Swathi D, Sumana N, Rohini TR and Meera B. Aiyar

Foodborne illnesses are caused by eating food or drinking beverages contaminated with bacteria, parasites, or viruses. The present investigation highlights the efficacy of steam distillates of two plants namely Curcuma aromatica and Coscinium fenestratum against bacteria causing food poisoning. A simple method has been employed to collect steam distillate of these two plants and its antibacterial activity was assessed in liquid media. The results obtained were suggestive that the steam distillates are potent enough to inhibit test bacteria. More inhibition of test bacteria was observed in case of C. aromatica when compared to C.fenestratum. The results are in justification with the folklore use of these two plants as remedy for various illnesses.

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