Effect of Years since Menopause on Serum TRAP-5b: Serum Bone Resorption Marker

Author(s): Siva Narayana Goudu A, Visweswara Rao P, Dhananjaya Naidu M, Jagadesh G and Ramesh Chandra V

Sudden decline in estrogen levels after menopause accelerates bone loss associated with increased bone turnover. Serum level of tartrate resistant acid phosphatase-5b (TRAP-5b) is an accurate marker for reflecting the increased osteoclastic activity. We evaluated the influence of years since menopause (YSM) on TRAP-5b in different YSMgroups. 40 healthy premenopausalwomen (mean age = 33.15 years) and 96 postmenopausalwomen (mean age = 59.10 years) were recruited for the present study. Significantly increased (p<0.001) levels of serum TRAP-5b, Urine Ca and Creatinine levels were observed in 1-5 YSM, 5-10 YSM, 10-15 YSM and >15 YSM groups when compared to premenopausal controls. SerumtotalALP(bone formation marker) was significantly increased P<0.05 in 5-10 YSMgroup than pre menopause women. This indicates that higher bone loss is noticed at early years of menopause and continues with progressive age.

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