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Effect of monosodium glutamate (MSG) on alpha-amylase activity

Author(s): Jay Kant Yadav, Vinay Kumar R, Jyotibala Chauhan, Smitha Grace S

The effect ofmonosodiumglutamate (MSG) on health has been a matter of controversy since long period of time.Anumber of reports indicated that it has several adverse and negative health impacts. It has a constituent in commonly available fast foods and restaurant foods all across the world and is known for enhancing the palatability. Several reports have been published over a period of decades indicating its role in various physiological and biological manifestations. The current work is an attempt to asses the effect of this compound on the enzymatic activity of gastrointestinal enzyme in particular the alpha-amylase. The results showed that the MSG inhibits the enzyme in concentration dependent manner. The kinetic studies indicated that the low concentrations ofMSG inhibit the alpha-amylase in a noncompetitive manner and in the presence of higher concentrations it follows the mixed type of inhibition.

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