Effect of grape seed extract (GSE) on the shelf life and microbial load of pasteurized milk in ambient temperature

Author(s): M.Ahmadian,A.Mohamadi Sani,A.Arianfar

The aim of this study was to survey the effect of grape seed extract (GSE) onmicrobial load reduction and increase in shelf life of pasteurizedmilk at ambient temperature. For this purpose, different percentages of GSE were added to the milk and the total microbial load test, coliform and acidity tests were performed on at three days. Finally, the statistical analysis performed by Spss-20 software through ANOVA and T-student method. The results showed that, after 24 hours, the milk samples contained 0.5, 1 and 2.5 percentGSE completelywere decayed, butmilk sample containing 5% of GSE remained up to 72 hour. Statistical analysis showed that, significantly at three days, the total count of microorganisms in the milk sample containing 5% of GSE, increased, but the acidity did not. Accordingly, it was found that GSE at concentration of 5% increased pasteurized milk shelf life at ambient temperature up to 72 hours via inhibition from production of lactic acid by Lactic acid bacteria.

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