Effect of different clarifying agents on the amount of essential elements of grape juice concentrate

Author(s): Masoome Hatamikia, Ali Mohamadi Sani, Shahin Zomorodi

Grape juice concentrate is a traditional product of grape-harvesting areas of Iran which is generally produced from the year-end harvest of poor quality.Average of iron, copper and calciumin the grapes is 30, 6.5 and 180 mg/kg respectively. These elements are essential and useful in human nutrition. In order to examine the effect of different clarifyingmaterials on the amount of essential elements of grape juice concentrate, a plan was executed using factorial statistical method with completely randomized design. The first factor was type of clarifiers in six levels, comprising grape juice concentrate soil (GJCS), bentonit, silicasol, gelatin-bentonit, gelatin-silicasol, gelatin-bentonit-silicasol; and the second factor was the quantity of clarifiers at three levels with three replicate. According to the results obtained from statistical analysis, maximum quantity of iron and copper obtained fromGelatin-Bentonit-Silicasol treatment, and maximum quantity of zinc and magnesium has been resulted from Gelatin-Bentonit treatment and the maximum quantity of calcium has been obtained from Gelatin-Silicasol treatment; the least quantity of iron and calciumhas been obtained from Bentonit treatment, the least quantity of copper and zinc has been obtained fromGJCS treatment and the least quantity ofmagnesium has been achieved by Silicasol treatment.

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