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Dust-acoustic periodic waves with trapped ions and nonthermal electrons in a magnetised dusty plasma in astrophysical conditions: tangential excitations

Author(s): Daniel Jacobsen

 It has been attempted to obliquely propagate three-dimensional Dust-Acoustic Periodic Travelling Waves (DAPTWs) in a magnetized dusty plasma made up of trapped ions, nonthermal fast electrons, and negatively charged inertial dust particles. The dynamic behaviours of DAPTWs in the current dusty plasma model are controlled by a Schamel equation. Bifurcation analysis of the Hamiltonian system is used to look into the existence of Dust Acoustic Solitary Waves (DASWs) and DAPTWs. The Sagdeev potential and phase portrait structures show that small-amplitude DAPTW solutions exist in the nonlinear realm. The effects of intrinsic physical parameters on the characteristics of DAPTWs are numerically simulated. These parameters include the strength of the static magnetic field, the obliqueness of propagation, the thermal pressure of charged dust grains, the electron to dust density ratio, the nonthermality of fast electrons and the parameter of trapped ions. The results show, in particular, that as the numerical values of the trapping parameter are decreased, the amplitude of DAPTWs decreases. It's interesting to note that the numerical outcomes of the theoretical simulations can be utilised to emphasize the physical properties of DAPTWs in astrophysical contexts like the magnetosphere, auroral area, and heliospheric environments 

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