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Drugs in Space and Medical Equipments During Space Projects

Author(s): Sricha Raj, Mahima Chowdhury, Neil Raj Chaudhary

Although a number of astronauts and spacecraft have been sent in the area of microgravity, a number of drugs and medical equipment play a very vital role during any space project. Many of the medications which work in space have low efficiency, so that the astronauts used the drugs in very high doses. The main disease which is seen in astronauts is cardiac problems and insomnia. The drugs which are used in space heavily depend on the efficacy of the drug. If we talk about the drug having lower efficacy than expected in space. The duration of space flights gets longer, more problems are expected which will need sophisticated treatments. Various medical equipment are used to treat conditions associated with the spaceflight. Many projects overview given to astronauts to know about the medical equipment.

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