Distribution of Some Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in Cow’s Milk in Egypt

Author(s): Farag Malhat and Mohamed Hagag

The concentrations of 11 organo chlorine pesticides residues were determined in 100 samples of cow’s milk collected from five districts of El- Qalubiya Governorate, Egypt during March to April, 2011. The most predominant organo chlorine compounds in cows milk were p,p’-DDD (49%) and endrin (42%) with a mean value of 0.513±1.04 and 0.457±0.566 ng/ml, respectively. All samples were contaminated with one or more of the investigated pesticides. From public health point of view, the observed levels of OCPs residues in cow’s milk’s in this study do not pose a serious health risk to the consumers.

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