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Determination of haemagglution-inhibition antibody titer of newcastle disease vaccinated poultry

Author(s): R Suganthi, Sherin Ben Joseph, J Fathima Benazir, P Saravannan, M Padmini Pooja

Newcastle disease is a highly contagious viral disease of poultry and other birds causing economic impact with flockmortality rates up to 100%.Antibodies were produced as a result of vaccinating the birds. The study aimed at collecting both whole blood and dried blood (collected on filter paper) samples from vaccinated poultry in different post vaccination period, determining the HI (Haemagglutination-Inhibition) titer of the samples and consequently the efficacy of vaccination, standardization of the filter paper technique for an easier, cheap method of sample collection for HI titer determination, comparing the HI titer of serumand dried blood samples and the influence of post-vaccination period on HI titer.

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