Descriptive Epidemiology Study of Pulmonary Hydatid Cysts

Author(s): Belamalem Souad, Khadmaoui Aberrazak, Aujjar Nabila, Hind Hind, Harrak Mohamed, Mokhtari Abdelrhani and Soulaymani Abdelmajid

Retrospective descriptive study concerted 21 cases of lung hydatid cysts collected from 2006 to 2010, with an average the 4.2 ± 2 cases / year). The age of patients is between 8 and 75 years, with an average of 36 ± 4.3 years. Women are most at risk with 76% of cases (sex ration (F / M) = 3). The distribution of the disease in the community has shown us that the rural areas were the most affected (61%) compared to rural. 95% of patients underwent surgery only, 5% had two interventions. The outcome was favorable.

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