Dense plasma focus for space technology

Author(s): S.M.Sadat Kiai, Shirin Adlparvar

In this paper, we investigate the possibility of using a plasma focus system as a nuclear fusion reactor for two applications: source of antimatter positron (e+) and a thrust producer. The nuclear fuel (propellant) utilizes gas mixture of deuterium-triggered 20Ne to produce 18F shortlived radioisotope (SLR) through nuclear reaction 20Ne(d, 4He) 18F. The SLR 18F is a positron emitter with the maximal kinetic energy of 0.635 MeV and a half-life of 109.8 min. The induced activity of 18F with the repetition rate of 10 HZ, positron annihilation rate, Isp, and the total thrust are approximately calculated.

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