Counseling- An effective technique for treatment and prevention of HIV/AIDS patients

Author(s): Vandana Dabla, Pradeep K.Dabla, A.K.Gupta

Background : Counseling, care and support for people play a crucial role in preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS and also reduce its personal and social impact.WHOdefines counseling as a tool to prevent the transmission of HIV infection and to provide psychosocial support to infected patients. Thus, HIV counseling and testing (HCT) stands out as paramount among the interventions which play a pivotal role both in treatment and in prevention.Methods&Aims : This studywas carried out in a Delhi State AIDS Control Society (DSACS) to study cumulative data of HIV/AIDS patients visited atART centres, Delhi duringMarch 2010 toAugust 2012. To evaluate the current status & progress of ART centres in Delhi state. To know the effectiveness of HIV/AIDS counselling at ART centres in Delhi State. Results : There is significant increase in number of patient alive and onART from7108 inMar2010 to 11954 inAug2012 atART centres due to HIV/AIDS counselling at ART centres. Patient adherence to treatment has also increased from96.6%inMar2010 to 97.7%inAug2012. Number of LFU (lost to follow up) patientÂ’s has also declined at ART centres. Conclusion: It reveals that counseling is necessary to HIV/AIDS infected patients in order to manage and reduce stigma among them. An effective HIV counseling promotes the Adherence to the ART Treatment which is a major predictor of the success of HIV/AIDS treatment.

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