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Correlation Method for Finding Gravitational Waves in LIGO Data

Author(s): Maxim Saveliev* and Anatolii Skorbun

 The method for finding the signal from the Gravitational Wave (GW) in the interferometrical data of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) is demonstrated on the test example of the gravitational event GW150914. The method is based on the use of correlation analysis, reasoning from the fact that the shape of the signal to be found is known, as well on the use of computational statistics methods. The developed method was applied for the search for signals in the LIGO data for a 32 seconds timeframe inside standard data block of 16 s prior and 16 s after the GW150914 event. The performance of the method and its advantages for the analysis of signals in a noise are shown. The paper includes analysis of possibility of the existence of other useful signals in the noise signal where the chirp of the event GW150914 was detected and risk.

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