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Computer Use and Work Related MusculoSkeletal Disorders: A Literature Review

Author(s): Orhan Korhan

Musculo skeletal disorders have been observed and experienced widely at workplaces where the computers are frequently used. Increase in the number of employees working with computer and mouse coincides with an increase of work-related musculo skeletal disorders (WRMSDs) and sick leave, which affects the physical health of workers and pose financial burdens on the companies, governmental and non-governmental organizations. This literature review study begins with the description of the risk factors and followed by the discussion of general characteristics of the musculo skeletal disorders. The economic impact of work-related musculo skeletal disorders was reviewed. This was followed by the discussion of issues related with workplace ergonomics, an extensive review of computer use related upper extremities musculo skeletal disorders, and computer keyboarding with different postures. Finally, the literature review is concluded with a discussion of the effects of interventions.

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