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Combination chemical agents with biological means in cancer therapy

Author(s): Da-Yong Lu, Ting-Ren Lu, Hong-Ying Wu

Cancer is a refractory and resistance disease and the therapeutics for cancer, especially for cancer metastasis is still imperfect. Many cancer patients die of cancer metastases. One of the reasons for unsatisfactory of cancer therapy is the toxicity of antineoplastic drugs to human bodies. So the dosages of antineoplastic drugs in human therapy can not be too high and small proportions of cancer cells survive after chemotherapy. These tumor cells will regrowto large tumor andmultidrug resistance (MDR) often occurs in these cancer cells. It is these cancer cells to kill patients. The best example nowadays and in future is to combine cytotoxic anticancer chemicals with biotherapies. In this article, we address this problem by analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of different therapeutic means and provide new insights into this problem.

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