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Black rutile TiO2 hydrogenated in ultrafast flow has highly stable visible-light photocatalytic capabilities.

Author(s): Angela Guerrero

 Black TiO2, a new form of TiO2 with excellent visible-light photocatalytic activity, can develop surface lattice disorder as a result of hydrogenation and the addition of Oxygen Vacancies (VO), but this TiO2 is prone to failure because oxidation causes the concentration of surface VO to drop quickly and over short periods of time. In this study, VO-almost-concentrated black TiO2 nanoparticles were created using an ultrafast hydrogen flow. These bulk VO increased the black TiO2's ability to absorb visible light, decreased its bandgaps, and gave it incredibly strong stability. The presence of VO was confirmed by a number of characterization techniques, and degradation tests on Cr 6+ or rhodamine B showed our material to have strong visible-light photocatalytic capability. 

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