Basic concepts of space drive propulsion -Another view (Cosmology) of propulsion principle

Author(s): Yoshinari Minami

Assuming that space vacuum is an infinite continuum, the propulsion principle utilizes the pressure field derived from the geometrical structure of space, by applying both continuum mechanics and General Relativity to space. The propulsive force is a pressure thrust that arises from the interaction of space-time around the spaceship external environment and the spaceship itself; the spaceship is propelled by the pressure used against the space-time structure. As is well known in cosmology, the expansion rule of the universe is governed by the FriedmanÂÂÂÂ’s equations and the Robertson-Walker metric. In this paper, the propulsion principle of space drive is introduced from another angle (Cosmology), that is, the pressure of the field induced by local expansion of space is completely considered in the propulsion principle.

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