Application of HACCP on the production line artichoke

Author(s): M.Sobh1,A.Echchelh,A.Chaouch1,H.Oudda

The aimof this work is to apply the HACCP systemin a packaging unit of fruit and vegetables production in Morocco artichoke product typically Moroccan. In this work, all microbiological, chemical and physicalmight occur in this production line have been identified. The study of this line artichoke identified the presence of five steps considered CCP, fromreceipt of rawmaterials to the finished product formulation. These stages are classified according to the chronological order of production: reception, washing, rinsing, metal detector, storage room no monitoring measures and corrective actions have been established for each CCP to control any deviation limits, acceptable and thereby preserve the sanitary quality of the product, and thus reduce the number of customer complaints.

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