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Application of Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Chromatography for Assessment of Pahs in Estuary Sediments in the Patos Lagoon (Pelotas-Rs, Brazil) Undergoing Oil Contamination

Author(s): Beatriz Regina Pedrotti Fabiao, Pedro Jose Sanches Filho, Fabiana Priebe Holz, Luiza Placidina da Luz, Elina Bastos Caramao and Claudia Alcaraz Zini

The purpose of this work is to use a comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography to assess retention capacity of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in the estuarine sediments contaminated by simulating oil spill in laboratory scale. The experiment allowed us to show that accidents involving spills in the water column take longer to reduce contamination with higher impact in the estuary. The GCxGC/TOFMS has separated and identified a number of compounds present together with HPAs, which would co elute the one-dimensional chromatography, and ensure a more secure identification. The extracts were complex mixtures containing many other compounds beside the PAHs. The application of GC×GC/TOFMS as an analytical tool, allowed detecting PAHs in all samples. Sediment samples without added petroleum had a lower molecular diversity, generally unbranched rings.

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