Antimicrobial dyes based on heterocyclic and/or homocyclic systems for dyeing and textile finishing

Author(s): F.A.Mohamed, H.M.Ibrahim

This review article deals with the antimicrobial finishing of textiles with antimicrobial dyes based on heterocyclic / homocyclic systems also deals with the Antimicrobial Activity, Structural Features of Antimicrobial Functional Dyes, Requirements for Antimicrobial Finishing and various methods that sued for Evaluation ofAntimicrobial Efficacy of these dyes (qualitative and quantitative). This reviewarticle also describes the major antimicrobial activity of dyes based on heterocyclic / homocyclic systems. Keeping in mind the multitude of existing systems, different dyes is classified as natural, direct, cationic, reactive and disperse dyes. In addition, this article review illustrates the use of these dyes for dyeing as well as antimicrobial textile finishing.

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