Anti-inflammatory activities of polyphenols from Oryza sativa L.

Author(s): Seung Su Hyun, Soo Youn Kahn, Sang Yo Byun

Leaves and stems of Oryza sativa L. were extracted and fractionated to get polyphenols. The polyphenol fraction inhibited the induction of NO by inhibition of the expression ofmRNAof iNOS and protein induced byLPS.With ELISA analysis, the polyphenol fraction was found to inhibit the expression extra- cellular inflammatory cytokines, IL-1â, IL-6, TNF-á as well as their mRNAs. This anti-inflammatory activity of polyphenols was proved by blocking the MAPK pathway by inhibition of phosphorylation of ERK1/ 2, JNK, p38.

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