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Anti Pyretic and Antidiarrhoeal Activities of Aegle Marmelos Leaves

Author(s): Shaheedha SM, Uma R, Ramachandran S and Dhana Raju MD

Aegle marmelos is commonly known as Bengal quince, Golden apple or stone apple in English belonging to the family Rutaceae. The leaves of Aegle marmelos were extracted by soxhlet extraction and cold maceration successively using petroleumether (600C-800C) and water. The preliminary phytochemical screening of the extracts was carried out by using chemical tests. The presence of proteins, gums, mucilage, flavonoids, catechins, furanoids and anthraquinone glycosides were detected in aqueous extract. Steroid, Pseudo tannin, terpenoids and cardiac glycosides were detected in petroleum ether (600C -800C) extract. Antipyretic activity of petroleum ether and aqueous extracts of Aegle marmelos (300mg/kg) was carried out by brewers yeast induced pyrexia model in rats. Antidiarrhoeal activity of the petroleum ether and aqueous leaf extracts (300mg/kg) were evaluated in rats by inducing diarrhoea with castor oil and by observing gastro intestinal motility using charcoal. Aqueous extract produced significant antipyretic effectwhen compared to standard drug Paracetamol.Antidiarrhoeal activitywas observed with petroleum ether extract and the effect was compared with of standard drug atropine. The present study indicated the potential antipyretic and antidiarrhoeal effects of Aegle marmelos 300mg/ kg there by supporting the folklore claims of traditional practitioners.

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