Analysis of the MGS and MRO images of the Syria Planum Profile Face on planet Mars

Author(s): J.P.Levasseur, George J.Haas, William R.Saunders, Horace Crater

Imaged by both the Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) and Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) space probes, a particular arrangement of Martian surface features appearing as an unusually clear and detailed rendering of a human face, in profile, is examined. Could the features in the “Profile Face” be artificial, archaeology? The claim of intelligent design on our neighboring planet is seldom taken seriously, and while other Martian surface features have gained considerable attention with regard to their possible artificiality, sparse attention has been given the Profile Face. The probability that this formation may be of artificial origins is investigated. Further study, even “ground truth”, is encouraged as a worthwhile endeavor. Common arguments dismissing claims that such Martian features could have been artificially created are addressed through analysis of the features. Methods include a topographical analysis of the area, analysis of the MGS image ancillary data, anatomical measurements of the Profile Face, examining the particular details and cultural references in the images, reviewing terrestrial remote sensing methods used in archaeology, and comparing it to analogous terrestrial surface features.

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