An Innovative Technique for Removal of Fluoride from Drinking Water

Author(s): Anil K. Shrivastava and Manoj K. Sharma

High concentrations of fluoride in drinking water had caused widespread fluorosis. A simple, precise, rapid and reliable technique has been developed for removal of fluoride in drinking water. The innovative technique employs activated alumina for defluoridation of drinking water. Alumina is inert in nature, hence it is safe to use and handle. The innovation in regeneration of alumina makes the technique cost effective. The reliability of the newly developed technique has been established by analyzing spiked water samples of high concentrations of fluoride (upto 50 ppm) and levels of fluoride has been brought down to less than 1 ppm. The method is superior to currently employed techniques and is recommended to the laboratories where a huge volume of water is to be defluoridated.

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