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Alternative Reflections on the Creation of Hypervelocity Stars

Author(s): Johann Albers

 Hypervelocity Stars (HVS) are stars which move with such high velocities that they can escape the gravitational field of our galaxy. What forces produce the acceleration to such high velocities? Classical Theories, Newtonian Mechanics and General Relativity, describe gravity by attractive forces, which on a first glance are not very suited to explain these high accelerations. The most common explanation, however, assumes a complicated scenario where a partner of a binary star system is disrupted and accelerated by the huge black hole at the center of the milky way. The Alternative Reflections on Gravitation (ARG), however, let expect a much simpler scenario: The primary gravitational effects are not attractive, but repulsive forces, produced by gravitons, converted from ALPS, which are emitted, e.g. from the hot interior of luminous stars. A supernova with its enormous luminosity and a close companion in a binary star system inevitably leads to extreme accelerations of this companion and its formation into an HVS.

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